Maximizing The Productive Life Of A Well



Well Completions

C&J’s Special Services features a full complement of well fishing tools including scrapers, overshots, spears, mills, impression tools, internal and external hydraulic cutters and wash-over pipe with accessories. Each operation has tool specialists on staff to assist in both cased and open-hole fishing operations.

C&J has a large fleet of blow-out preventers for use with our well servicing rigs. These BOP’s range in size from 7-in to 9-in and are capable of handling various sizes of tubing. These BOP’s are equipped with back-up hand pumps and fire-retardant hoses and accumulators.

Well Servicing

C&J operates a diversified fleet of workover and well servicing rigs. These rigs range from 200 to 900 horsepower and are involved in the completion of new wells, in the repair and maintenance of existing wells and in shallow drilling operations. Our larger rigs (300, 400 and 500 Series) are equipped with double-drum, hydraulic, disc-brake drawworks and two-piece scoping derricks with rated capacities ranging from 200,000 Ibs. to 300,000 Ibs. Our rigs are also equipped with hydraulic jacks, a hydraulic work floor and a crown-out/floor-out hoisting brake control system. Our rigs are manufactured not only to be oilfield rugged, to withstand the physical demands of the industry, but also with safety in mind.

C&J’s anchor trucks use a shear-head assembly to ensure that proper API specs are obtained when anchors are set. Our anchor trucks are equipped with verifiers to check for underground pipe and cables prior to setting anchors. C&J provides a service to handle the Dig Alert process for our customers. Our anchor trucks are outfitted with anchor-pull test equipment. We are able to track the set date of permanent anchors and schedule their annual pull test.


Rental Services

C&J has several styles of hydro cranes available, ranging from 15-ton bobtail trucks with dollies to 19-ton and 23-ton tractors. The 15-ton hydro crane is ideal for hauling tubing and rods, supporting rig operations and cleaning up locations. The 19-ton and 23-ton hydro cranes support stimulation coiled tubing units. These units are also equipped with a fifth wheel and can be used as a conventional tractor-trailer combination transport. All of our crane operators are state-certified.

C&J has a variety of power swivels which can be equipped with winches and hydraulic hose reels to improve safe operation and to allow for moving the prime mover further away from the well head. Whether it is oversized or overweight, we are committed to getting your load there safely, and on time. C&J has a variety of trailer configurations to meet your needs. We also offer “power only” services to pull your trailer.

Water Management

C&J fleet of vacuum trucks feature updated high-quality tractors and trailers, equipped to handle rigs, coil operations and abandonment jobs. We offer a complete line of fluid transportation equipment, including vacuum and tanker trucks. Our fleet of winch trucks are available to move pumps, frac tanks, foam tanks, etc. in either suspended or skid mount configurations. They also support stiff narrow neck lowboy trailers.

C&J owns a fleet of 500-barrel, corrugated-well, liquid frac tanks available for daily, weekly or monthly rental. Each tank is equipped with a chemical-resistant liner, 4-in. rear floor drain, 3-in. rear fill pipe to roof and a 4-in. suction line connection at front to sump.


Drilling Services

C&J has several different models of tubing pickup and laydown machines that function nearly hands-free. C&J has skid mounted and trailer-mounted machines. The machines are designed for a wide range of tubular/casing sizes with various lifting capacities. The hands-free operation provided by these machines is safer and more efficient.

C&J’s foam units perform a wide variety of jobs from fill clean-out to liner drill-in. The foam units have the capability to utilize different pressure and flow rates which allows for foaming of shallow and deep wells, as well as horizontal wells. Truck-mounted foam units are rated for 750 fm at 350 psi or 1150 cm at 500 psi. Trailer-mounted foam units are rated for 450 fm at 1000 psi, 600 cfm at 2000 psi, or 1350 cfm at 2000 psi.

Cementing & Abandonment

C&J offers comprehensive plug and abandonment services, including on-location management and custom project designs. Our well-maintained rigs and experienced crews can accommodate a wide variety of individual project requirements, up to total location restoration.

C&J’s Zonite trucks offer an alternative to traditional means of plugging and abandoning wells, with proven cost savings. Zonite has also been used to abandon the lower portion of producing wells in preparation for sidetrack/workover operations. Our experts are available to discuss additional advantages of using Zonite for your plug and abandonment projects.


Have A Large Project?

We have much more capability than is listed on these pages. If you have a special need or large project, talk to an expert about how C&J Well Services can get the job done, safely and with quality.

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