Maximizing The Productive Life Of A Well

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Maximizing the Productive Life of a Well

Our suite of special services includes industry-leading solutions for excavation, mobilization, and plug and abandonment and we also provide equipment rental services in selected locations. These services complement C&J’s comprehensive suite of transportation and equipment services. Supported by a network of regional CA service centers, C&J is available whenever and wherever our customers need us.

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Completion and Remedial Services

C&J Well Services has several different models of tubing pickup and laydown machines that function nearly hands-free. C&J has skid mounted and trailer-mounted machines. The machines are designed for a wide range of tubular/casing sizes with various lifting capacities.


Plug & Abandonment and Fluid Services

C&J Well Services offers comprehensive plug and abandonment services, including on-location management and custom project designs. Our well-maintained rigs and experienced crews can accommodate a wide
variety of individual project requirements, up to total location restoration.


Well Servicing and Contract Drilling

C&J Well Services operates a diversified fleet of workover, well servicing and drilling rigs. These rigs range from 200 to 900 horsepower and are involved in the completion of new wells,
in the repair and maintenance of existing wells and in shallow drilling operations.

Best In Class

A Variety of Industry Services Available

Coiled Tubing Services

Well Servicing Rigs

Acid & Acid Treatments

Blowout Preventor Packages

Pumpdown Services

Well Service Rigs

Fishing Services

Foam Air Units

Frac Tanks

Pipe Handlers

Power Swivel

Reverse Units




Vacuum Trucks

Pump/Kill Trucks

Winch Trucks

Fresh & Brine H20

Frac Tanks

Well Intervention

Winch Trucks


Pipe Handlers


Well Plug & Abandonment (P&A)

Squeeze Cementing

Surface String Cementing

Plug Cementing

Power Swivel


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